Do It, Dump It, Delay It, Delegate It... Abdicate It?

2012-01-24 08:54:19
Life isn't always easy to fit into some fancy formulaStill a good game plan is never a bad idea rightI'm not sure who to credit for this little gem but it has been very helpful over the years especially when I become my own worse enemy and just keep adding more and more and more item...

What a Great Day for... Questions?

2012-01-23 22:35:08
"Be careful what you ask for"As Rapid Residual Pro starts to gain momentum I've been inundated with amazing questions and comments that before now I'd not ever considered beforeAnd I'm pretty thorough when it comes to looking at things well at least I used to think I was thorough...

Keeping It Simple... Seriously

2012-01-19 03:21:10
Simplicity is unappreciated in today's fast paced world of cell phone thumbpumping madnessComplex is in and just about the time you finally get the hang of the latest version of complex all the rules change and complex becomes more complexWhen it comes to membership sites remember t...

Stick To The Fundamentals To Win...

2012-01-14 23:37:12
I've been amazed lately with all of the questions being emailed to me from potential Rapid Residual Pro owners and even from current ownersNot that questions in themselves are bad generally speaking I really enjoy our community and like being pulled to the edge into a new way of thinking or...

The Rapid Residual Pro Launch is On!

2012-01-05 22:41:42
The Rapid Residual Pro Launch is OnYou need Rapid Residual Pro if you have an online businessIf you're an affiliate marketer a current Rapid Residual Pro owner or a JV Partner for Rapid Residual Pro the green light is glowing and the race is on to help online business owners get this in...
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