Adversity Happens...

Adversity Happens...

2012-05-02 15:43:03
Hang in there baby!

Easier said than done when you are swamped in the middle of an adversity avalanche, isn't it?

There are those days when you just want to throw your hands up in the air and scream, not say, but actually "SCREAM" at the top of your lungs "GIVE ME A BREAK ALREADY!"

Life happens however, the way it happens.

The older I get the more I begin to realize just how little influence or significance my tiny contributions affect things - in the larger scheme of things.

However, I still try!

When things don't go as planned though, it can be very disappointing, hard, frustrating and even depressing so, we humans have come up with a myriad of methods for dealing with  our problems.

From drugs to prayer, mantra's to massage and everything in between... we all look for ways to ease our pains and problems.

Today, I'm going to just share some words with you that  I hope will help if you are facing challenges that feel beyond your control, okay? 

These have helped me over the years - hopefully, they will help you too.

1. Think in moments not in days. 

For me, sometimes just not thinking too far ahead helps. 

Others call it living in the "Now" I say.. focus on the current moment and make it as good as you can, what else can you do anyway? 

Who knows, if you can string enough happy moments together, you might be able to avoid that eventuality you keep dwelling on and should just let go for now anyway.

2. Four Steps... Bill Gatten, one of my favorite real estate mentors, once told me the following formula and I share it with my students when I can - it helps when things don't seem to be working out like you had planned.

1. Show Up
2. Pay Attention
3. Be Honest
4. Separate Yourself From the End Result

Really, if you can do these... maybe, if you add after "Be Honest" - "Do Your Best" - also, then what more can you do anyway? Just accept what happens, adjust, move forward.

3. "Forward, ever forward."

My own personal mantra - no matter what happens in life, you really only have a few big choices to make, my personal preference is to move.... forward. That's all there is to this - "Forward, ever forward," That's how I roll and so can you.

4. This too shall pass.

I'm not sure who to attribute this one to - Bible folks claim it was Solomon but I think that is a stretch personally - Lincoln used it in a speech and many others have been quoted with this great approach to adversity and problems.

For me, closing in on my half century mark, what I can say is simply this - looking back at all of the "I'll never make it through this..." events in my life and seeing that I DID in fact make it through - adopting this mantra for yourself is just intelligent practice because it's simply the truth. 

Nothing lasts forever, not even the good stuff - but, especially not the bad things (well, most of them anyway and those others we can only speculate about anyway, right?). 

Problems are temporary - see them for what they are and you'll be better equipped to deal with them.

And, one more today (from the thousands and thousands of possibilities, to be sure):

5. "It's all good!"

I adopted this one from one of my employees many, many years ago - Britta, who was German by birth but cool as heck by nature.

She taught me that "It's all good!" even when it doesn't appear to be so because in the end, everything moves forward and it's all a learning experience which helps you grow - one way, or another. 

Learn to say this when you have nothing else to say, it helps move you forward, which is the best direction to be moving when things look hard or challenging in life.

Share some of your own thoughts below if you like...  hopefully, you found a few seeds of something good in the above.