Stick To The Fundamentals To Win...

Stick To The Fundamentals To Win...

2012-01-14 23:37:12
I've been amazed lately with all of the questions being e-mailed to me from potential Rapid Residual Pro owners and even from current owners.

Not that questions in themselves are bad - generally speaking, I really enjoy our community and like being pulled to the edge into a new way of thinking or looking at things, however...

The frustrating thing recently is described best in one word:


It seems that complicated, convoluted, crazy difficult to set up and even more difficult to understand and use ideas or newly conceived systems are infecting otherwise intelligent people.

There is no virtue in being the first one, the only one, the ground-breaking guy or gal, who introduces a marketing system only you can understand which also confuses your potential clients and customers as well.

"But Steve, nobody else can copy it - it's the super portal, magic mojo membership site system with a gazillion levels for members and affiliates and let's me control everything members do and keeps me in total control of... blah, blah, blah."

Give it a rest already - you're likely just delusional.

Sorry, just saying it like I'm seeing it from the sidelines looking in at the slow motion replay. And from here - it definitely looks like you dropped the ball.

Hey, I'm all for being creative - after all, you are talking with me, Steve Odette. I'm not exactly categorized as "Mr. Conventional" myself.

Truth is though, I look for ways to simplify not complicate... and so should you, in my opinion.

Dan Kennedy says "make your systems complicated and very hard to duplicate..." and, I believe what he was saying was about making it hard for the competition to copy you - not hard to run your business, your systems or your programs.

I don't believe he meant hard for your customers or affiliates either.

Here is what I know - the fundamentals, the proven systems and approaches to marketing, creating valuable offers, taking care of your customers, etc. will always work.

Sound, solid, proven fundamentals have always worked and I'd bet always will.

There is nothing wrong with building on TOP of a solid foundation, is there? No. However, trying to build a complicated system without a solid, proven, well established foundation first is suicide.

That bird might fly - but chances are, it  won't stay in the air too long.

So, my advice today is very simple - keep it simple.

Create value, offer value, make it easy for customers to purchase, take care of them after they purchase, and until you have a very solid, steady five figures coming in monthly, don't get complicated.

Learn  how to ride the bicycle before trying to do wheelies on it, chances are you'll be a lot more successful in the long run at both riding and doing wheelies in the end.

Agree? Disagree? Chime in below.