Sometimes The Hardest Obstacle is...

Sometimes The Hardest Obstacle is...

2012-02-09 20:04:21
... NOT what the guru's tell you.

Are you as sick and tired of hearing the gurus using some version of the blanket BS for not achieving your goals that go something like these:

"If you had a bigger "WHY" you'd be more successful, like me."

"If you didn't self-sabotage, you'd achieve more, like me."

"If you believed in yourself more you'd have better relationships, like me."

"If you visualized more clearly, your reality would manifest your goals for you."

... etc.


Not, by the way, because any of those are false or untrue, but because they are usually only part of the truth and often always a totally misrepresented fact when ended with statements like - "... like me." or anyone else, for that matter.


Also, If you look more closely at those saying these lazy, too hard to think about what the real truth is, the full truth -- or to painful (for them!) to tell you what they really think about your circumstances and why they believe you are not where you tell them you want to be... coaches and advisers...

... You'll find insecure, "yes coaches," councilors, advisers and "experts" who just want you to feel better now, even if it means you'll end up right back where you are again soon.

Because, that is easier for them than actually helping you through the hard work of progressing and moving forward.

Some of those statements might be true, but the real help isn't in using them as crutches or blanket commentary, regurgitated out of habit over the years, but in digging deeper into why these might be true and asking the questions you need to consider to move forward.

Even if only a step or two...

Often, these coaches and guides can't really figure out how they reached their own success, let alone help you logically understand how to reach yours.

And, that's the problem. How do you teach luck?

For instance...

How do you teach being in the right place at the right time with the right product at the right price for the most ravenous market who is ready to jump aboard your train...? How can anyone possibly know how to do that?

Nobody can, but... business coaches pretend they have all of these answers for you, don't they?

Maybe they do... but I guarantee the reason you are not reaching all of your goals isn't because your "WHY" isn't big enough - that might contribute, I doubt it actually, but it's certainly not THE reason, no matter what you are told.

Listen to your own council - you know what I'm saying is true, agreed?

We'll stop here to let just these few points sink in a bit today.

What do you think... comment below. Would love your feedback.