What a Great Day for... Questions?

What a Great Day for... Questions?

2012-01-23 22:35:08
"Be careful what you ask for..."

As Rapid Residual Pro starts to gain momentum, I've been inundated with amazing questions and comments that, before now, I'd not ever considered before.

And, I'm pretty thorough when it comes to looking at things - well, at least I used to think I was thorough anyway.

The questions are pouring in and I answer them as fast as I can but, whew! It's a great feeling that so many people are finally catching a glimpse of how amazing Rapid Residual Pro is, but an overwhelming and... scary... feeling also.

Truth is, that's why I'm writing this short note to you today.

Success can be even scarier than failure, can't it?

Because you can fail alone, in silence, in your own office or kitchen as you work on mindless details that keep you from actually pushing the "We're Live!" email out to your list.

Success, well - that's public.

Winners have to stand on the top box, in front of everyone in the Winners Circle, out in the view of the crowd.

That, is intimidating - especially, when you realize that some people might not be happy that you actually made it.

Forget about those folks and just be yourself.

Don't try to be someone you think they expect you to be - just relax, take a deep breath and be you.

Answer the questions, accept the challenges, address the critiques with style and grace, but look around and recognize that you are a winner and all of these just come with that promotion.

You can do this, you can be... you ARE a champion.

Forge forward, stand up and get noticed, launch your dream and "create great."

I look forward to seeing you on that top podium box and when you get there, remind yourself that you worked hard for that win and you deserve it.