Keeping It Simple... Seriously

Keeping It Simple... Seriously

2012-01-19 03:21:10
Simplicity is unappreciated in today's fast paced world of cell phone thumb-pumping madness.

Complex is in and just about the time you finally get the hang of the latest version of complex - all the rules change and complex becomes - more complex.

When it comes to membership sites - remember that what your customers want is not complex.

In fact, I don't know anyone holding out their wallets saying;

 "Take my money and frustrate the heck out of me by making it terribly difficult to use your membership site, please..."

Truth is, I can pretty much guarantee that I know EXACTLY what your customers want no matter what market you are in or what you are selling.


Whether those results are more knowledge and understanding, better gidgets or gadgets, new friends, more money, or whatever... people are hungry for results.

Simple... clear... focused. Results.

When putting your business online together in your head or on paper, when drawing out your business plan - no matter how long that is - do yourself a huge favor and think about what your clients and customers really want - Results - and clearly define how THEY think those results should look.

Then, find a way - the straightest line possible - you can get those results to your customers the most efficient and effective way.

Keep it simple... don't confuse them or give them a hundred choices to make. Give them one or two paths... hold their hand and move them along simply, clearly, and toward that ultimate destination they want to achieve.

Trust me here, you'll make so much more progress in your life and business once you adapt this strategy of simplicity and start eliminating the complex from your life.

Chances are - you'll be amazed how many benefits you'll experience once you step back and begin the process of getting simple too.

Repeat after me "Simple is good."

See... doesn't that feel better?