When The Student Is Ready...

When The Student Is Ready...

2010-10-27 00:33:55

There is an old saying...

The Buddha, Hindu Prince Gautama Siddhartha, stated "When the student is ready, the master appears." although when I hear it quoted it's usually "When the student is ready the teacher appears."

Either way... let's focus on the beginning of that quote for a minute...

"When the student is ready..."

So many times as coaches or teachers, we try to help our students or clients by sharing things with them that we know, through experience, work.

  • We explain.
  • We logically expound.
  • We emotionally plead.
  • We adamantly compel.
  • We basically try everything we know to help - and sometimes, the student just isn't ready or does not seem to digest what we've prepared and shared.

It can be very frustrating at times... however, there are things you can do to help your students grow and reach that point of trust that allows them to follow your lead, for their own benefit.

The first one I'd recommend is simply to...

... ask questions.

This teaching method is called the "Socratic Method" - well... it's not ALL of the Socratic Method, but the questions are a big part of the Socratic Method anyway.

Asking questions allows your students or clients to find the answers themselves... it gives them a chance to be their own solution. Sometimes, that is all they need - is to feel like they've solved their own problems, not someone else.

Never underestimate the power of accomplishment...
it's a wonderful pathway to growth for many.

The next step, for me anyway, is if your student isn't responding to questions well or they are purposely being vague.... simply take the subject away from them kindly.

"Suzy, I can see that you're not ready for this right now, let's come back to this subject when you are ready for it, deal?"

Then be quiet... wait... watch the power
of the take away happen...

I won't spoil it for you here, but if you approach this correctly, you'll find that the door just swung wide open and the student is now, just because of a simple question, ready to participate.

But what if they agree? Perfect.

Then, ask them what they would like to learn or discuss what they are having challenges with today... and then, be quiet.

Don't say a word.

If you must... simply rephrase the same question... "Steve, I really feel that this is a good time for you to let me know some questions that you have on your mind, what's challenging you right now in your business, life, setting up your membership site, etc. that I can give you some feedback on?"

See? Same question, just rephrased with more detail.

Trust me here... if you simply lead with interested questions, you'll not only find your job as a coach and mentor so much easier and enjoyable, you'll find that your students often will get so much more out of the coaching and will grow faster than you'd have imagined...

... by simply answering their own questions.

Finally, there is one more benefit to this method of coaching (which, by the way, works VERY well using the built in coaching platform inside of your Rapid Residual Pro software...) - it allows you to plant a seed that you can now water, toss a little sunshine on now and again, and nurture until it's ripe for harvest.

When people ask me how I'm so successful at coaching people - even those who have a 'love / hate' relationship with me (Gleny's, one of my previous clients, once said to me: "Steve, some days I do not like you, you know? You are really not an easy teacher... but you are an awfully, awfully good one. Thank you."), I tell them that...

"... most of the time it's really not about coaching
so much as it's just gardening."

That's when they give me a blank stare - that "huh?" look on their face...

My job is to help you figure out what kind of seed you have or that you are... to define what kind of fruit you're going to produce. Then, determine the best soil for you to grow in. From there, my job is to help maneuver you over to the right soil for your roots to really take hold. Often... I cannot maneuver you - so, I have found ways to help you maneuver yourself.

Just like a good athletic coach or instructor... they don't get paid to BE their players, they are paid to help their players be the best they can be, individually and as a team.

From there... it's all about nurturing the seed so the whole plant can grow and reap a harvest.

Isn't that gardening? That's what I do with, and for, my coaching clients and students.... I help you grow so you can become successful in whatever endeavor you are moving toward achieving.

It's not what I want for you... it's what we've determined, together, by using the right questions, that you want for yourself.

So, there you go - some of my "Secrets of coaching Steve's way" thoughts for those of you who've been asking... (that sounded so much more professional than the..."They've paid me thousands of dollars to reach into their businesses, minds, hearts and guts, pull out their true person, purpose, and priorities... painfully help them mold, twist, and fold those into who they want to become truly and what they honestly want to achieve - even if they don't like the process at all and hate me for telling the truth and calling their bluff, seeing through their excuses and BS, making them start being their own number one fan... and accountable for their results... even if they yell at me... no refunds allowed..." program).