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Fact is, membership websites work.

Rapid Residual Pro is the all-in-one membership application that allows you to get the technology out of the way because it's so easy to understand and use.

Not only that, but there are no monthly fees, no plugins or add-ons to hassle with, just a fast platform that you OWN... and can immediately begin using.

Easy to use, everything is included; no monthly fees, powerful plugin free system, video and live monthly training, forum community and a proven solid, secure platform to handle your entire business... just add content.

It's all in here for you, ready to go.

If you are serious about succeeding online, if you are tired of trying to put together your websites using limited, difficult, frustrating or simply ineffective programs or software that simply confuses you, or has you spending hours, days and weeks trying to make them work the way you want them to, then...

Rapid Residual Pro
is exactly what you've been waiting for.

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Everything Included

Imagine being given an entire store;
shelves, building, parking lot, offices, cash registers, everything... the only thing you need to do is stock the shelves with your products and open the doors for business.

That is what Rapid Residual Pro does for you - you get everything you need: blog, membership area, two marketplaces, ordering systems, affiliate program, coaching platform, coupons system, theme system, private membership area, robust reporting, payment processors, etc. -- it's all included.

Nothing is left out, everything is ready for you to use in less than fifteen minutes. Just Add Content and your business is online, ready to start making you money.

powerful, simple, easy

What good is powerful if it's too complicated for you to use?
Unless you are a programmer, some membership programs are simply too difficult for regular people like us.

Rapid Residual Pro is the most powerful all-in-one application of its kind anywhere and guess what?

My 9 year old can use it. It's so easy to understand and simple to use, you will cry huge tears of joy because you can finally get past the technology and back to your business and customers.

Powerful, simple, easy to use, secure and everything you need is included inside.

In other words: You can use this and once you do, you'll wonder how you got along without Rapid Residual Pro.
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no monthly fees

You own
Rapid Residual Pro.

There are no monthly fees, no additional charges, no hidden costs. Once you invest in your Rapid Residual Pro license you simply install the application on your website and that's it.

Some software companies tell you that you don't need to install anything and they explain how that is an advantage but what they don't tell you is that even the most robust applications, like Rapid Residual Pro, only take a few minutes to install and even fewer minutes to update regularly.

Of course, if you LIKE giving away part of your income each month to your software providers... $100, $200, or even thousands in setup fees and $600 or more in monthly fees...

... Just to save those few minutes of installation time! Tell you what - we'll install Rapid Residual Pro for you for only $50. Now, you truly have no hassles and you also get to take all the money you'll save and put it back into your vault or your business.

Don't be fooled - you don't have to pay those fees every month to get incredible, proven, powerful results.

Own and control your own membership websites and Free yourself from the monthly fees.

Get a head start

I had an argument recently with another software owner about why "plugins and add ons are not for everyone..." like he assumed (of course, he's a developer and likes playing with code unlike most of us).

Here's the thing - I like having the ability to add features and create my own custom solutions, sure. But the fact is most people, maybe even you, waste so much time doing two things that could easily be avoided by using Rapid Residual Pro:

1. Trying to figure out WHICH plugins and add-ons you need to set up your websites so they'll function the way you need them to...

2. Trying to plug everything in and get all of the pieces and parts you finally decided on using actually working together.

Been there, done that.

Since 2005 I've put "Frankensites" together for my clients and frankly, I just got sick of it.

That's why I created Rapid Residual Pro.

Imagine getting a single, everything you need is inside, solution that can run circles around even the most flexible "build 'em yourself" programs?

What would your business look like if you could finally quit playing with setting everything up and get back to your customers and making money.

Get a head start - use Rapid Residual Pro and in only minutes you'll have everything you need - your entire business, online and ready to rock and roll.

Just add content.
Get a head start

No Frankensites

Kevin Riley Says...

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Comprehensive All In One System

It's all included... everything you need to start and grow your membership website or online business. No plugins or add-ons needed, nothing extra to buy or setup, no extras to purchase -- It's all inside, ready to use already. Just add content.

No Monthly Fees - Ever!

You own Rapid Residual Pro. It's yours. Install it on your domain and control everything yourself with no monthly fees or annual fees or any fees at all. I like free... how 'bout you?

Easy Site Designs

Rapid Residual Pro has a complete theme system built into the application for you. Just click a button and your site, membership area, blog or even individual pages or sales letters can have a completely new look without affecting any of your content at all! Customize the themes or add your own custom themes - it's your website, make it look and feel the way YOU want.

No Plugins!

Plugins are fine... if you like paying for every new feature you want your site to have... If the plugins are kept up to date so they don't create a security threat... if you don't mind figuring out how to connect everything or doing the programming to make your site work correctly. I like simple -- "One install and you get it all." That's Rapid Residual Pro - it's in there already. Do you like simple?

Super Simple Videos, Audios and Downloads

Imagine videos, audios, file downloads... all without one line of HTML or any kind of programming? Rapid Residual Pro has a built in Media Management system where you can easily create your video, audio or file download links and manage these. Simply use the system to create a token like this: [[video_1]] and wherever you paste that on your site - your video, audio or download shows! So easy my 9 year old can use it - and he does.

Complete Fixed Term Membership System

Fixed Term Membership websites ROCK! As a business model, FTM's have been some of the simplest and most profitable for both myself and my clients over the years. However, putting all of the pieces together used to be overwhelming. Until Rapid Residual Pro there simply was no complete FTM solution available. Now, you can have a full blown, making money now, accepting members, live, FTM site as quickly as you can add your content! Rapid Residual Pro just changed the Fixed Term Membership game - it made it a whole lot better.

Proven Immediate Pay Affiliate Program!

"Got Sales?" There are some folks who just don't understand how immediate pay affiliate programs work. Sad for them. No 1099 paperwork, clean transactions, affiliates LOVE immediate pay programs, PayPal and AlertPay approved systems that have been used for years - no hassles or headaches of writing checks and an honest, accurate, system that treats everyone fairly. Of course, ClickBank (and soon 2CheckOut!) is already integrated in Rapid Residual Pro also, for those who prefer a more traditional program managed by someone else. For me? I'll stick to Rapid Residual Pro's fully integrated, proven and profitable immediate pay program.

Immediately Accept PayPal, AlertPay and ClickBank and...

PayPal, AlertPay and ClickBank are built into your Rapid Residual Pro application. All you do is create your products and click "add button" - done. No complicated codes, no merchant account hassles, no complicated set up, just immediately start accepting money. Also, if you have any problems with one processor or something should happen -- all you need to do to keep your business up and running profitably is use one of the alternative payment processors already built into Rapid Residual Pro! Why put all of your eggs in one basket when you can have -- not just one -- but two, backups?

Offsite Order Buttons and Links!

Can you say "Game Changer?" Add multiple payment buttons on one page, put your order buttons on ANY page on your own or ANY website, add your order buttons to forums, HTML webpages, blogs, even send out an actual buy button link in an email! How about using one website as a central download and membership portal for all of your products and programs - even if you have them on their own domains? The possibilities are endless - and now, you have the flexibility to try them all if you like. Go ahead, put your button wherever you want it, Rapid Residual Pro can handle it just fine.

Powerful Coaching Platform Built Right In!

Jimmy D. Brown shared it with me and I've used it ever since. The ability to control your time and access to you while coaching is empowering - and Jimmy showed me how to use a private coaching platform to do just that. In fact, it proved so effective, I created an entire business just coaching clients... all easily managed through a private coaching board. It worked so well, I built a powerful coaching platform into Rapid Residual Pro! Currently, my fee is $497/mo. for coaching clients and they can access me once a day on their own private coaching board, five days a week... There is no other way I could give access to me or my time to these folks... but the coaching platform changes how coaching is done. Imagine having just 10 clients a month in your own coaching program? With Rapid Residual Pro, you no longer have to imagine, you can do it.

Easy, Best In Class WYSIWYG Editor!

Everything in Rapid Residual Pro is designed to be easy for you and me to use. I am not an HTML expert, in fact, I find it very frustrating and confusing. No worries, you can create pages and content as easily as using a word processor in Rapid Residual Pro. We've integrated one of the best in class WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors available so all you have to do is type. Easy, simple, powerful and effective. Of course, if you like complicated or enjoy using HTML... you can simply turn the editors off or use the HTML popup window.

RSS Feeds for ALL of Your Pages!

When you install Rapid Residual Pro you also install your own "Mini-blog." Your membership area, unlimited, easy to create, outside webpages, squeeze pages, your blog, etc. are all part of Rapid Residual Pro- these are all built into the application for you. RSS feeds are powerful and most blogs allow you to set up an RSS feed for your visitors to subscribe to... with Rapid Residual Pro however, you can set up the RSS feed not only for your Mini-blog, but for ALL of your outside webpages! Even static content pages or squeeze pages! Let subscribers know when you add ANY new content, not just a new blog post. Very powerful.

Easy Product Creation Program!

Picture having one page with everything you could possibly need to set up your new products, programs or services and you will probably still be missing some of the very cool details included for you in the product creation area of Rapid Residual Pro. Follow each section from the top of the page to the bottom and click "Save" - you'll have a complete product ready to go. No thinking needed, no guessing if you've included everything. One place to set it all up. Easy to understand, simple to use, fast and efficient with nothing left out. Editing your products is even easier. No more frustrations - get the technology out of the way and use it to your advantage, that's Rapid Residual Pro product creation.

7 Admin Levels Built Right In!

Outsourcing is the big concept everyone is talking about today. I agree, the quicker you start getting others to help you grow your business, the faster your business will grow. However, in the past that meant trusting the people you outsource with EVERYTHING in your business. Been there, been burned, got the T-shirt to prove it. Rapid Residual Pro lets you outsource INTELLIGENTLY. There are seven levels of admin built in and, you can make any admin active or inactive with the click of a button to make sure they are not inside your site when they are not supposed to be. Pure, 100% controlled access. I like help, but that doesn't mean I want to give away access to everything. With Rapid Residual Pro, you don't.

One Central Admin Center To Manage Your Whole Website!

One. That's how many places you need to log into to manage your entire website. Everything is done from your Admin Control. Blog posts, page creation, product creation, videos and media, squeeze pages, drip-feed content, member management, e-mail blast to members, coupons and promotions, reports and tools, themes and templates, comment management, EVERYTHING in your business is managed from one, central, admin area. Efficient, powerful, intelligent, organized, easy to understand and use. Why do business any other way again?

Security Is A Main Priority!

Security isn't a joke and Rapid Residual Pro is very serious about your websites security. Database backups in seconds, GEO and IP tracking and security on your member area login pages, all forms on outside pages have CAPTCHA and other security implemented on them, comments - which can be added to any page on your Rapid Residual Pro website - all have a proven CAPTCHA system built right into the commenting form. We run our business using Rapid Residual Pro and know how important security is for us... if you are using open source software every hacker in the world has access to, or less secure solutions, you can relax now. Rapid Residual Pro has your back.

Easy Drip-Feed Content for Fixed Term Membership Websites!

Fixed Term Membership sites are proven, profitable and effective. Having the ability to "Drip-Feed" or use time released content inside of your membership website is very important. EASY to understand and create time released content is absolutely necessary. Rapid Residual Pro makes creating and adding Drip-Feed content to your products, programs or services as easy as clicking a button. Done. Time released content is so important for membership site success... Rapid Residual Pro set's the standard for easily creating and connecting your Drip-Feed content to your FTM products - and, dripping the content in your member's area. Once you use Rapid Residual Pro for FTM websites, you'll wonder why you ever tried anything else.

3rd Party Autoresponder Integration...

There is a SMTP and PHP email blast program built right into your Rapid Residual Pro application. You can send emails to individual members, all members or even create groups of members to send messages. All of your default emails are also built in for you like; "forgot password" or "You've got a sale!" emails. However, a SEQUENTIAL autoresponder isn't built into Rapid Residual Pro because many hosting companies aren't really very nice about you sending emails to large groups from their servers. So, Rapid Residual Pro has integrated the top 3rd party Autoresponder services in the industry directly into your application! Constant Contact, aWeber, Get Response, Imnica and my personal favorite, AutoResponse Plus 3 (new version coming out soon!). We'll be adding additional autoresponder services but these get you moving in the right direction. The best e-mail delivery combined with the best membership website solution, Rapid Residual Pro... it doesn't get any better than this.

You Get TWO Marketplaces - One Inside and One Outside!

Rapid Residual Pro gives you TWO complete marketplace solutions; One on the inside for members only and one on the outside of your members area, for all visitors. This allows you to do several things. First, affiliates can receive lifetime commissions because the inside marketplace allows tracking purchases to the original referring affiliate! Talk about powerful. Second, having an inside marketplace allows you to offer products to members that you might not offer to just anyone. Finally, having both an inside and outside marketplace allows you to run your business the way you want, not the way everyone else does. Combined with our unique, one of a kind, member area "New Products" sidebar feature... your Rapid Residual Pro marketplaces position your business for success better than any other solution available.

Complete Member, Affiliate and Partner Management Platform!

Sure, membership software needs to help you get your business up and profiting quickly but... it should also tell you everything you want to know about your members; activity, purchases, logins, page views, sales, clicks and views, refunds, cancellations, etc. Rapid Residual Pro has a very, very robust member management program and reporting system that gives you more information than you probably even thought possible. From the ability to suspend a member to a simple way to gift a product or program to them with a click of a button, Rapid Residual Pro has you covered. You can even tell when a member is trying to share their login information with others because the members account will lock, flag and Rapid Residual Pro will send you an email to let you know! Now that is knowing what's going on in your business.

Product Creation Made Easy With Cloning!

Product creation can be challenging because there are so many pieces and parts to doing them correctly. Everything from product descriptions and images for your marketplaces to affiliate links, squeeze pages to sold out pages, sales letters to download pages, templates to order buttons, payment processors to autoresponders, coupon discounts and subscriptions to trial periods... etc. It can be pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, all of this is in ONE place in Rapid Residual Pro for you. One page... it's all there, just follow the steps and when you get to the bottom, you are done.But, what if you could create an entire product with the click of a button? You got it! Because many of your products will be similar (for instance a ClickBank version of a product and a PayPal version of a product) we've added a simple "Cloning" button. In less than a second you can actually create a duplicate product! Now, that is how business is done the Rapid Residual Pro Way!

Comprehensive Website and Business Reporting System!

I come from traditional, brick and mortar, offline business and in my nearly three decades one thing has been proven over and over again as a business owner... if you can't measure it, you can't fix it, change it, or duplicate it. Rapid Residual Pro has some of the most comprehensive reports for your business of any membership application anywhere. Members, affiliates, banned members, referred members, affiliate reports, sales reports, conversion statistics, Earnings Per Click (EPC) statistics, view and click records for your products and affiliates, JV Partner reports, product reports, sales reports, member reports (want to know when the last time a member logged in was? Interesting in what pages they visited? You got it!). As a Rapid Residual Pro Owner you have all the information about your business, customers, products, affiliates, conversions, etc. that you need to grow...

Blog, Member Area, Complete Website - It's All Included...

Fact is, everything you need to move your business forward is inside of Rapid Residual Pro ready for you; Squeeze pages - easy. Content pages - easy. Mini-Blog - you get one. Complete, secure membership area - done. Coaching platform - included. Product creation portal - you got it. Easy videos, audios, and media management - including your own Flowplayer license paid for by ME? All inside. You own it. Complete affiliate and Joint Venture Partner system - built in. And so much more. Rapid Residual Pro is a complete solution. We've left nothing out. What you get is FREEDOM from the headaches and hassles of the "figure it out yourself and put it together on your own" programs out there... you get a complete business system, a comprehensive membership website management program. I've been building complete websites for my clients since 2005 - the hard way - and all I can say about Rapid Residual Pro is... "It's in there. Now THIS is how to build a website!"

Amazon s3 and Cloudfront Already Integrated!

Adding Videos and audios to your website is incredibly easy inside of your Rapid Residual Pro media management center. But, where will you store your audios, videos, or file downloads? Well, in Rapid Residual Pro you can store them on your hidden, cloaked, local directories (you installed these when you installed Rapid Residual Pro) or... you can simply use the now fully integrated Amazon s3 and even Cloudfront streaming available with the click of a button inside of your media management center! Secure, rip-proof, Amazon Cloudfront smooth streaming videos so your website can handle any amount of traffic. Just connect your Amazon s3 account to your Rapid Residual Pro with two, secure hidden keys... and, you no longer even have to go into your s3 account - you can access everything from your Rapid Residual Pro Admin area!

Search Engine Optimized Pages Everywhere!

Rapid Residual Pro is SEO optimized, meaning, your websites are going to be loved by the search engines like: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each page has keywords, follow or no follow links, comments capabilities, etc. Plus, when you install Rapid Residual Pro, you also install a site mini-blog where you can post articles and content regularly. Your site is optimized, your pages are optimized and you've got a blogging platform installed with your application. You're website is definitely going to get some SEO love, all you need to do is add the content and your in business.

Simple Course Creation...

Time released or "Drip-Feed" content is essential for Fixed Term Membership sites. Rapid Residual Pro was actually created originally to be the ultimate FTM solution - and it is. However, your content doesn't have to be time released and you may want to create courses that only have a simple download page or complete, available all at once, lessons or content. With Rapid Residual Pro, creating entire courses is as easy as 1-2-3.Just "Click" and create a module... "Click" and add a lesson page... "Click" and connect the module to your product. Done. Add as many lessons to your modules as you like! All available on day "0" or using a drip-feed sequence. That's it. The lessons now show to the members who own the product in the member's area. Powerful, easy and an incredibly simple way to manage your Fixed Term Membership drip-feed course content or "available all at once" course materials.

Incredible Support For You Because...

Truth is, nothing is perfect. Somehow bugs or glitches, hosting hassles, user problems, or even a little fear of trying something different can pop up in all businesses. The important thing is to know that when problems or challenges happen, you will be taken care of and not left alone to try and solve your problems yourself. Videos, user's manuals, live training and soon, a live support channel will be available for Rapid Residual Pro owners. However, there is one other important support element that makes Rapid Residual Pro unique - I'm not only a user but I'm involved with our community every single day. I'm here for you. Plus, we have an incredible and growing community of other Rapid Residual Pro owners who are about the coolest marketers on the planet if you need personal help. You've got a full year of FREE support as a Rapid Residual Pro owner, your success is our success and we are seriously committed to helping you.

Protected Contact Us Form Included!

This may seem like a little thing but isn't it frustrating leaving your email address open on your websites so folks can contact you - just to end up on a gazillion SPAMMERS lists? Over the years I can't even begin to tell you how much SPAM I've personally had to deal with, my own and my clients, because of published email on public webpages. Has this happened to you? To solve that problem, I had a secure, CAPTCHA protected, Contact Us form created for sites I manage and guess what? The SPAM stopped and my clients began to use the form to contact me! I liked it so much, I had a CAPTCHA protected Contact Us form built right into your Rapid Residual Pro application. Not only that... but, you can add the form to any page you like! So, wherever you want members to get in touch with you... add the form, and you are secure, connected and good to go.

Create Unlimited Products and Programs...

You can create as many products as you want to inside of your Rapid Residual Pro membership sites. Unlimited. Single purchase products with only a download page or entire courses with a years worth of time-released, drip-feed lessons with links that only go live for members when you want them to... add videos, audios, downloads, custom pages for members who own only certain products, affiliate tools for all products - add products to the marketplaces or only one marketplace or none at all. You decide. Membership levels can be done but where Rapid Residual Pro RULES is creating products as levels. Create beginner products, intermediate products and advanced products or silver level products, bronze level products and platinum level products, whatever you choose. I've built membership sites for myself and clients since 2005 and from experience, products as levels has proven the most efficient and profitable membership model ever - especially combined with Fixed Term Membership products. Offer FREE memberships or paid - single products or courses. Rapid Residual Pro can handle it all for you.

Powerful Per-Product Partner Program!

Sure, every product in Rapid Residual Pro allows you to set an affiliate and Joint Partner commission rate. These are separate because you may want to give JV Partners a higher commission for bringing more to the table. Still... what if you could actually have a site partner - not just marketing partners, but co-owners of your website? Done! Rapid Residual Pro gives you the ability to have PARTNERS in your business. Not only that, but the Partner Program also uses the immediate pay program so guess what? Rapid Residual Pro knows whose turn it is to get paid and directly pays them - right into their PayPal or AlertPay accounts, based on what percentage of ownership they have. This is extremely powerful... Rapid Residual Pro keeps everyone honest and nobody has to write the checks. However... what if you could set partners not only by the site but, per product?! Imagine being able to have different partners for each product you sell on your websites! Think of how you could use this! Invite per-product partners and fill your membership site with the most incredible values ever!Rapid Residual Pro is the ONLY program that allows you to do this using our unique systems... picture the possibilities.

Plus, Much More - Questions? Email Me Personally...

What Lee Dobbin's Has to Say About Rapid Residual Pro...

Leslie Bogaerts Says Rapid Residual Pro...

Steves 60 Day Truth or Dare Satisfaction Guarantee...

Bonus 1: Power Planning Mindmap System


What could possibly be better than building your membership website on the most powerful application available?
Imagine having access to a private coaching board where you can ask direct questions about setting up Rapid Residual Pro or building your business to Steven Odette personally...

Think about how much time and effort you can save having access to a business coach and copywriter who not only created the incredible platform you are now using to build your membership websites with, but who has more than three decades of business ownership and many years of online business success and experience to offer you.

What could be more powerful than just getting this incredible software? Getting the creator of the software for a full month to help you - for free - That's what!
This is a very valuable bonus and can catapult your business forward very quickly... but, this is a limited time and availability bonus because there is only so much time in a day and coaching is a very time consuming service.

If this is still available... you seriously want to consider taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to get help now.



Bonus 4: Invest in One Get One FREE!


You own one domain and the fact is, once you see how incredibly easy and powerful Rapid Residual Pro truly is, it won't be long before you are back again to start another one.
Like a bag of salty potato chips on a rainy day in front of the television watching a good movie - I bet you can't eat just one. Rapid Residual Pro will spoil you.
Because I know how addicting using Rapid Residual Pro is - how would you like to get an additional domain license TWO ADDITIONAL DOMAIN LICENSES just for being here today? Done.
You certainly don't have to take me up on the offer, I understand - especially if this is your first time using Rapid Residual Pro. I get nervous trying new things and trusting people also, that's ok.
Remember though, I've got you covered either way. My 100% satisfaction guarantee is good for the dynamic double license or the Premium Package. Either way, you're going to be looking at your business from a whole new perspective in just a few minutes... and it's going to feel FANTASTIC!

Summary of Your Offer and Rapid Residual Pro Bonuses

Ben Schmidt - Proud of Rapid Residual Pro and Our Great Community

What You Get Today! Simple Single Rapid Residual Pro License Premium Rapid Residual Pro License Package and Bonuses!
Rapid Residual Pro 
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One Year FREE Support Plus: Training and Forum Access!

Premium Bonuses Included Today...
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One Month Private
Access to Steve...
Actual Value = $497.00


*TWO Additional FREE
Rapid Residual Pro
Domain Licenses!
Actual Value = $594.00


Total Investment

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Steven Odette Owner of Rapid Residual Pro
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So you can focus on your business and your customers.

P.S. From what we discussed in the video at the top of this page to the short, insider look videos which show you inside of Rapid Residual Pro above - you can see how much has gone into making Rapid Residual Pro the most incredible membership application anywhere for you to own, not rent, own.

Aside from that, one thing is for sure... the short descriptions of the; immediate pay affiliate program, coaching platform, media management system, multiple payment processors and of course, the incredible per-product partnering program we discussed in the feature reviews above, to name a few of the incredible highlights of Rapid Residual Pro, definitely get your blood pumping if you are seriously interested in owning your own membership websites.

Get started today... and minutes from now you can be adding content and getting your business online, finally. I'll meet you in the member's forum or inside of your member's area if you have any questions or need help.

P.P.S. I almost forgot... I'd like to personally thank you for visiting today and checking out Rapid Residual Pro. I've put years and thousands upon thousands of dollars into this program for all of us, you and me, to finally have an opportunity to get the technology out of the way and move our businesses forward. I'm proud that you can picture yourself using this incredible program to grow your business as well.

Regardless, you'll appreciate the freedom from monthly fees and plugin, add-on, build it yourself nightmares Rapid Residual Pro gives you... and, with my 60 day, Truth or Dare, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, I'm sure you'll want to move forward and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to finally get your online business and membership sites on track.

Invest in yourself... get your Rapid Residual Pro license today and get the technology out of the way so you can start living the lifestyle you deserve.

Rapid Residual Pro is a PHP5 Application - You Own It!

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